Our University Hospital protect mental and physical health of the area of society, 3 highest level of care as a health care provider how and technology of modern diagnostic and treatment service provision, universal standards of education, training and support to the research program is intended to ensure the necessary infrastructure. This purpose, with its highly qualified staff with current knowledge and modern technology, to provideuniversal health care quality and reliability standards.


Development and protection of the region where the level of population health approach and a high level of health care services that respond to contemporary needs, patient and staff satisfaction, continually growing, and methods of diagnosis and treatment of applying modern technology, producing a universal health care measures, motivation of employees and new information constantly seeking to protect supporting access to the outside sample firm isable to compete. In short, to-date information and the latest technology to provide health care, hospital management is dominated by the modern understanding, productivity and employee satisfaction with the patient, patient rights and satisfaction to think, is an internationally-recognized organization.